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FAQ regarding SITMMT2019

Q1. Do I need to obtain a visa?

A1. Please access the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea

      For details about the list of countries under visa waiver agreement and visa application processes.
      Also, if needed, please access the visa portal of the Republic of Korea
https://www.visa.go.kr/openPage.do?MENU_ID=10102) for assistance. 
      When you visit the embassy to apply for the visa, you should bring the official invitation with you.

      ​ Contact Number of

      - Visa portal of the Republic of Korea: +82 -1345

      - Ministry of Foreign Affairs: +82- 2-3210-0404​ 

      Also, if you need the documents of Certificate for Business Registration, please refer the below URL:

      If needed in addition to mentioned above, please feel free to contact us,
      secretariat team (sitmmt2019@gmail.com / +82-2-2152-5057).




Q2. I want to arrive/leave Korea sooner/later than the dates of the SITMMT2019 event.
      Can you adjust the flight dates?

A2. Basically, the flight ticket provided is from June 5th to 8th. However, participants may request desired flight tickets
      ±2~3 days of the event.
      However, kindly note that this cannot be guaranteed due to the limit of the budget of the flight ticket per capita.
      Additionally, please keep in mind that the travel expenses such as accommodation fee of the additional period of
      your stay should be paid personally.
      If the adjustment of the flight date is needed, please fill in the information of your desired flight when you sign up
      on our official homepage.



Q3. How to get to the hotel from the airport?

A3. We provide 1 round-trip bus ticket(Airport↔Hotel)  to the participants arriving on June 5th.
      Note that we will
 provide additional flights to those arriving on June 4th inevitably, due to flight schedules.

      (ONLY bus ticket is available, NOT possible the taxi fare). 

      Detail information about the transportation will be announced individually, only for the final approved buyer.

      Therefore, please enter your email address and contact number exactly when you sign up.



Q4. Can the participant be arranged to another person from the same corporation?

A4. Yes, you may change the participant within the same position of the person who received the official letter.

      *eg.) Sales Director → Marketing Director

      Please note that ONLY those who have been approved by the SITMMT2019 Secretariat and have received
      an official invitation letter can participate.

      Therefore, please let us know the information about your replacement, and we will send you a new invitation letter
      once we have passed the internal audit and confirmed the participant.



Q5. Can two or more people from our corporation attend the SITMMT2019 event?

A5. Anyone from your company can participate in the SITMMT2019 event without limit,
      but ONLY one person can receive the benefits of our event(1 Round-way flight ticket, 3 nights accommodation,
      familiarization tour, lunch, dinner etc.).

      This means the companion of the official hosted buyer has to pay the travel expenses personally.

      However, kindly note that the accommodation provided you can choose either double-bed or twin-bed
      and the breakfast is included for only 1 person.

      Therefore, if you are willing to use the same hotel with your companion, please make sure you request a twin room
      when signing up on buyer registration.



Q6. Would it be possible to know the list of companies that we would meet?

A6. The information of the buyers and sellers will be updated on the homepage in sequence,
      at the page of [ Travel Mart > Buyer / Seller ].
      Additionally, the PSA is opened from 8th May, please choose the seller you want to meet on each time slots(16 times).
      It would be required that you should fully fill out the 16 times of business meetings on the Travel Mart.
      You can choose first, and if the times are not all filled, the secretariat team will match the sellers further.



Q7. What is the difference between the SITMMT2019 event and the SITIF2019 event?

A7. The SITIF2019 event is based on Seoul's tourism industry itself,
      but the SITMMT 2019 event has especially focused on 'Medical Tourism'.

      You can also enjoy SITIF2019 freely at the time of an empty program.

      Refer the URL to find more details of the SITIF2019(June 6th~10th) event at : http://sitif.or.kr/eng/main/main.php

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