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: 관리자 : 2019-05-20

To Check the Flight Ticket & Accommodation

We provide 1 Round-trip flight ticket on the schedule you have written down when registering at the homepage.

Kindly note that June 5th(Wed.) Entry, 8th(Sat.) Departure is the default date but ±2~3 day arrangement is possible if you want.

※ This cannot be guaranteed due to the limit of the budget per capita.

※ If necessary, you should bear the cancellation and change fee.


We also provide up to 3 nights stay at the designated hotel(about 10 minutes walk in Coex) according to the flight schedule. The default reservation of the hotel is a double bed room, including 1 breakfast each day. You may request a twin bed room if you have a companion but breakfast is NOT included for the companion. (Individual Charge)

※ Provided for ONLY one person per company.


※ The e-ticket and hotel reservation confirmation are arranged in order of registration on the homepage.

It can be checked on the Mypage of our homepage as soon as they are arranged.


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